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Why SunSlew

SunSlew is a world-leading slewing drive manufacturer for solar tracking systems and construction machines established in 2014 with its headquarters in China’s Jiangsu Province.

With industry veterans leading the charge our level of expertise positions SunSlew as leader in solar tracking solutions serving customers around the world.

From concept to production, SunSlew has a reputation for providing timely solutions to often difficult and unique applications. With our partnerships firmly rooted in the renewables industry, SunSlew is committed to helping build a more sustainable future for all.

As an innovator in slew drive manufacturing, SunSlew focuses on delivering quality products that fit your applications. We are dedicated to the integration of R&D and manufacturing design and have successfully collaborated with research groups at X’ian University of Technology and Nanjing University of Technology.

Our gearing solutions are used throughout the world not only in the green energy sector (SAT and DAT, PV/CPV/CSP) but we also serve other market sectors. These include:

  • Industrial positioning (robotic assembly line, welding, and assembly cells),
  • OEM Construction Equipment industry (cranes, aerial working platforms, drilling rig, rotary forklift, modular vehicle, vacuum truck)
  • Communications equipment (satellite receiver)

With more than 80 sets of various high-precision processing and manufacturing equipment and four assembly production lines, SunSlew has achieved an annual capacity of producing 300,000 slewing drives.


Capacity configuration to adapt to industry development; product cost and quality control capabilities; customized product delivery capabilities

Technology and R&D

Customer demand-oriented research and development capabilities; strong product innovation capabilities; a number of industry certification qualifications.

Global Advantage

Adhere to the global vision value positioning, rely on its own competitive advantages, and seek new growth. Jiangyin Shangchi has built a global sales network to cover the global photovoltaic core area

Market and Brand Advantage

High market share at home and abroad, high-quality domestic and foreign customer resources, and good brand reputation are highly recognized by customers and owners


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